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Electronics are increasingly common in our lives. Smartphones and other electronics can serve multiple purposes like a Swiss Army Knife. There are even USB Swiss Army Knives, although that did not seem to work out so well (I cannot find it listed on the Victorinox website).

Newer electronics often become smaller, allowing us to travel lighter or include more items. Here are a selection of electronic related items you may like to add to your packing list:  

Packing Items

Item Type

Mobile Phone

Keep in touch making calls, send messages etc. Check your phone supports suitable frequency and is not locked to your home provider.

Mobile Phone Charger

Make sure your phone is charged for when you need it. Can often charge other devices too.


Listen to music, books, calls and block out noise (however, be mindful of your surroundings). Get an attached microphone included to make calls.


Bulkier than earphones, but generally better sound for your money as it is easier to make larger devices sound better.

Power Strip/Board

Combine with an adaptor, possibly voltage converter, and be able to power multiple devices from the one power socket. Some support USB charging.

Power Adapter

Countries may have different power sockets to your devices. An adapter allows you to change the socket type, but does not change voltage, so be careful not to ruin your device.


Sometimes replaced with a smartphone to reduce space and weight, but a camera can potentially take better pictures and has its own battery.

Data Cable

Use to transfer and backup data between devices. Often also used for charging.

Camera Charger

Remember to charge your camera so you don't miss those fantastic shots.

E-Book Reader

Use e-ink, which can be easy on your eyes and do not need a lot of battery power. Most have no color.


For when a phone is too small and a laptop is too big.


Great for researching your travel, keeping in touch, making bookings, etc.

Memory Card

Use to storing photos, music and other data. Not a great long term backup solution, so move data onto other storage regularly.

Memory Card Reader

Often used to move photos or other data. Some laptops may have these built in to save you needing to take one.

Camera Housing (Waterproof)

A little bit risky, but these should keep your camera safe underwater.


Don't forget the charger and make sure the battery is charged and ready. In some cases you may pack a spare battery.

SIM Card

Enable international roaming on your service if needed. Having a local SIM card for places you are travelling can save you money.

AC Adapter

Some devices need an external power supply, normally a small black box that plugs into a power socket.


Sometimes you need to shed some proper light on the situation. Make sure you have power when you need it.

Head Torch

It can be easier to use your head to light you way and leave your hands free for other tasks. Just make sure you have power for your torch.

Shortwave Radio

While there are newer ways to communicate, shortwave radio still has some fans.

Walkie Talkie

Developed during the Second World War, Walkie Talkies are another way to keep in touch over short distances.

Electrical Converter

Some devices cannot change voltages and require a converter. Check the voltage ranges to ensure you do not damage your device. You can either buy a new device that can deal with other voltages, or grab a converter to plug it into.


Make use of the US government satellites to know where you are in the world (if they aren't blocking you).

Digital Audio/MP3 Player

A dedicated audio device for playing music, audio books etc.

Electrical Extension Cord

For when you need to run power to a place you can't normally reach. Sometimes a powerboard will get you that little bit of extra distance in a pinch.

Video Camera

A dedicated video recorder for when a smart phone is not good enough.

Underwater Camera

A camera that is water resistant and allows you to take those hard to catch underwater moments.

Disposable Camera

When you don't want to risk using an expensive camera or your phone.

Camera Lens

You might need some different lenses to get the shot you want. Remember to pack them carefully and don't leave them behind after taking a photo.

Satellite Phone

For when you are going places a normal mobile phone has no coverage, or need a backup phone.

Portable Solar Panels

Make your own power with some solar panels. Great for camping.

Power Inverter

Changes direct current (DC) like from a car to alternating current (AC) to use with your devices.

Portable Fridge

A small fridge useful for camping, 4WD, caravans or holiday houses etc.


Used to test electrical devices and make sure voltages are at the correct levels.

Satellite Radio

A satellite radio has a much larger coverage area than normal radio stations.

Hair Clipper

Taking a hair clipper on a trip gives you flexibility to cut hair whenever you want and not need to find somewhere to have it cut. This can save you money, but comes at the trade off of some extra storage room and weight requirements in your luggage.

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