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Swimming is a great way to exercise, relax, compete, recover etc. You can swim at the beach, a recreational pool, a lake/river/ocean etc. For whatever reason, or where ever you are swimming, check out these tips and items for what you should take when you swim next.




Item Type
Entrance Fee-

You may need some form of payment to gain entry to where you want to swim.


You may need some form of payment like a coin or deposit to be able to use a locker to store items.

Packing Items

Item Type

Flip Flops/Thongs

Open footwear typically made or rubber or plastic with a thong between the big and second toe. Come in super basic styles, or something more fancy. They don't provide much protection, but are easy to slip in and out of and often light weight. Also popular for use in communal showers, to protect your feet from nasties and often quick to dry.

Beach Towel

Often brightly colored, a towel you take down to the beach to lie on or dry yourself with after a swim.


Handy for drying yourself after a shower, or can be used as a makeshift rug etc.


Keep your hair tidy. There are some portable options that fold up and include features like a mirror.

Swim Diaper

Diapers designed with swimming in mind so you don't make a mess in the water.


The body is made of around 60% water, so keep hydrated to stay in top shape.


A lose-fitting garment that normally has sleeves. Can be used as nightwear, over other clothing, around the house, or between activities like swimming.


Surf wear created for swimming and the beach, although they have branched into other fashion areas.


Small two-piece swimsuit with a bra top and underwear bottom.

Swimming Goggles

Eyewear that protects your eyes from anything in the water that can help you see better underwater. Prescription versions are available.

Earplugs (Swimming)

Earplugs that can keep the water out of your eyes when underwater.

Nose Clip (Water)

A special clip designed to keep water out of your nose during aquatic activities.

Swimming Cap

Tight fitting head gear that keeps your hair dry when underwater. Sometimes required in swimming pools to keep hair from entering filters.

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