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Packing toiletries can vary a lot between travellers. You can go extremely minimal, sometimes getting away with items provided in hotels etc, or maybe your toiletries bag is a suit case.

Packing Items

Item Type


Applied to areas of the body (most commonly armpits) to prevent bad smells.


Handy for drying yourself after a shower, or can be used as a makeshift rug etc.


Normally used for cleaning, but soap can find other uses, e.g., a lubricant or repellent.


Typically used for cleaning hair, but has many other uses such as makeshift washing up liquid, etc.

Hair Conditioner

Normally used after shampoo and tends to include moisturizers, oil and sunscreen. Some people compromise and use a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner to save room.

Hair Dryer

Dry hair... or shoes, or whatever. There are some compact versions made for travel.

Curling Iron/Hair Straightener

Be careful not to damage these and keep an eye on them so you don't create a fire.


Keep your hair tidy. There are some portable options that fold up and include features like a mirror.


Keep your hair, beard, etc under control.

Moisturising / Body Lotion

Keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Face Wash

Formulated to clean dead skin, oil, dirt, make-up, etc from your face.

Exfoliant/Face Scrub

Formulated with small particles to help remove old skin from your face.

Wash Cloth

Used to clean your body. Don't scrub too hard or your skin may turn red. Bacteria can be a concern, especially if you don't air and dry the cloth between uses.


Used to scrub dead skin cells off your body. It can be a breeding ground for bacteria if it does not dry properly.

Hand Sanitizer/Gel

Often includes a form of alcohol to act as an antiseptic, or an antibiotic compound. You should check what is in the product and do some research on whether it is safe to use.

Feminine Hygiene Product

It's always useful to have your favorite personal hygiene product at the ready when it is required.

Razor Blade

Used for removing body hair. According to the TSA blog, "all razors are allowed in checked bags. Disposable razors are allowed in carry-on bags, and safety razors with removable blades are not".

Razor Replacement Blade

Getting spare blades may be difficult when you travel, so take some spares if you need them.

Shaving Cream

Used to help you shave by lubricating, desensitizing skin and make your hair easier to cut.


Less alcoholic content than perfumes and used to make you smell nice, but not they are normally a flammable liquid and may need to be taken as carry-on luggage.


Applied to the body to make you smell nice. Perfume contains a high alcohol content, making them flammable and not suitable for stored luggage.

Nail Clippers

Used mainly for cutting finger and toe nails. There are some special clippers that claim to be airport friendly.

Emery Board

Mainly used for filing finger and toe nails to shape or smooth them.

Lip Balm

A wax-like substance put on lips to sooth and moisturise lips, or provide sun protection.

Cotton Swabs/Cotton Buds/Q-tips

Note that putting these in your ears to remove wax can damage your ear if pushed to far. It can also make the problem worse by pushing the wax further into the ear. These can be useful for many tasks, e.g., cleaning.

Cotton Wool Ball

Versatile item that can be used to remove makeup, apply medicine, stem bleeding, etc.


An antiseptic liquid applied to the skin after shaving to sooth skin irritation.

Shaving Oil

Special lubricant oil used for shaving body hair.

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