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Bringing something extra for you look while you travel. Here are some makeup items you might not want to leave home without.

Packing Items

Item Type


A cosmetic product in a tube that is applied to the lips to color, protect and texture.

Lip Brush

A brush used to apply various cosmetic products to the lips.


Enhance eyelashes by applying mascara to thicken and darken the lashes.


Cosmetic used around edges of eyes to accentuate them.

Eye Shadow

A cosmetic powder used to create depth around the eyes and come sometimes used in combination or as a replacement for eyeliner.

Eye Shadow Brush

A small brush used to apply the eye shadow powder.

Eye Shadow Primer

A liquid or cream product you apply to the eyelids so other eye products go on smoothly and last longer.

BB Cream

A combination cream that may cover moisturizing, a light foundation, skin whitening and sunscreen.

Mineral Powder

A powder foundation that claims to use natural minerals.

Pressed Powder

A cosmetic that is normally used to absorb oil to remove shine and normally held in a compact.

Liquid Foundation

A skin colored cosmetic to cover flaws or change the skintone.


A red powder or cream to add a bit of red to cheeks.


Used to color correct and hide unwanted aspects on your skin.

Makeup Palette

A small kit that holds different makeup.

Travel Makeup Mirror

A portable mirror used to check and apply makeup.

Makeup Remover

A substance used to aid in the removal of makeup.


Glitter may damage eyes, so look at options and use special cosmetic glitter and not craft glitter to add sparkle to your skin.


Makeup to attract light to create an illusion of contours and brightness on your skin.


Contains small shiny materials that refract light and help soften problem areas on the skin to try make it look younger.


Help your skin get a sun kissed tan look.


Makeup to highlight areas of your skin where light will hit to create a glow.

Nail Polish

A varnish applied to finger and toe nails that can protect nails and and comes in many colors.

Face Primer

Used so foundation applies smoothly and lasts longer. Can help smooth lines, pores and wrinkles.

Setting Spray

Spray applied to makeup so it lasts longer.

Setting Powder

Clear or tinted powder normally used after foundation to set the makeup in place and reduce shine.

Eyelash Curler

Hand controlled and normally used to curl the upper eyelashes.

Eyelash Adhesive/Glue

Used to glue your fake eyelashes onto your real eyelashes.

Fake/False/Extension Eyelashes

Used to extend your eyelashes using synthetic or real hair attached together and then glued onto existing lashes.

Eyebrow Wax

Used to shape your eyebrows. Can be clear or have shades.

Eyebrow Gel

Used to sculpt eyebrows. Available in clear or tinted gel which can define and darken your eyebrows.

Lip Liner

A pencil used to prevent lip products "bleeding", creating a larger contrast and accentuating the lips.

Lip Plumper

Can temporarily make your lips appear fatter for a few hours, often by irritating the lips and causing blood to flow to the lips to promote swelling and redness. Can potentially cause dry and scaling lips.

Lip Stain

Alternative to lip stick that can be smudge-proof and long-wearing, perhaps lasting all day. Downsides is it can make your skin dry, needs to be applied quickly and may have limited color choices.

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