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It is an easy trap to pack too many gadgets when you travel. But then it can be really annoying when you own a perfect gadget for the job at hand and you left it at home... or even worse, you have to buy another one while you are away. These are the tough decisions a traveller has to make :) Here is our list to help you figure out what you need to take on your trip:

Packing Items

Item Type

Alarm Clock

Useful for telling the time and setting alarms so you don't miss anything important.


Great for telling the time, also a fashion accessory and potential multi-purpose smart device.


A mirror can be used to look at yourself, but has other uses such as starting a fire with the sun.


Useful to keep off the rain, but also to reduce the heat and glare of the sun.

Pocket/Swiss Army Knife

There are many sizes and different tools you can get. Just don't forget to take it out of your carry-on luggage.

Travel Pillow

For a long journey, or a quick nap, a comforting pillow can make the difference. Air versions can be quite small once the air is let out.

Sewing Kit

A sewing kit can be useful for emergency repairs. The needle can also remove splinters, etc.

Universal Sink Plug/Stopper

A plug can help you fill a sink or a bath to wash yourself, clothes or items.


You might not know which way to go, but you will know which direction you are heading.


Not just for smoking, also useful to conveniently start a fire, etc.

Bottle Opener

Don't be caught out doing something stupid, have a bottle opener at the ready.


A corkscrew can be used for opening bottles, but this pointy little gadget can be pressed into many different services.

Can Opener

Being able to open a can may be the difference between eating or not.

Jar Opener

If you have trouble getting off those tight lids, a jar opener provides you that extra grip to get the job done.

Duct Tape

Duct tape has been put to so many uses, this versatile item may find a spot in your packing list.

Packing Tape

Not quite as strong as duct tape, but has enough strength to hold boxes together and is easy to cut with scissors or sharp instruments.

Double-Side Tape

Handy for when you want to stick two things together with some tape, e.g., to hang something.

Sticky Tape

On the lower scale of strength for tape, but still useful for attaching items to paper, etc.


A special spring loaded type of shackle. Used for climbing, but can also be used to attach items like a drink bottle to a bag.


A tool to figure out how far you have walked.

Health Monitor

If you need to check your health regularly or have room in your first aid kit.


Useful to see things close up. Try sightseeing or sporting events.

Musical Instrument

If you like to bring the music to the people or chill and play yourself some tunes. Just remember, sometimes the people don't want to hear the music ;)


Used to lock or open something, e.g., your house, vehicle, bag.

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