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Unfortunately, plane travel has faced some difficult times and can be a frustrating experience. Below are some tips and items you can pack to make your flights easier.

Liquid, Aerosols and Gels

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Do you have trouble with your ears during take off and landing? These special ear pieces that slow down pressure changes in your ear, reducing the chance of ear pain or damage.

Transparent Resealable Bag

When travelling through checkpoints like the airport, liquids need to be put into a resealable plastic bag so they can be viewed and checked.

Liquid Travel Container

Liquids that will be checked are limited to 100 ml or 3.4 oz (originally 3 ounces). You can buy your own empty containers and fill them, or some products will come in this small travel size.

Compression Socks

Help improve blood flow, reducing chances of having issues with your legs and ankles.

Plane Audio Adapter

Some (older?) planes have special plugs for the headphones. With an adapter, you can plug in your own headphones or earphones.

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