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First Aid you hopefully never have to use on a trip, but you should have at least some minimal kit in case something goes wrong. Here are some items that might aid you in your travels:

Packing Items

Item Type

Crepe Bandage

A stretchy elastic bandage used for compression to reduce swelling and support sprains and strains for soft tissue injuries on wrists, ankles, elbows, arms, knees, etc.

First Aid Guide

Provides instructions on how to apply first-aid correctly.

Shock/Thermal Blanket

A blanket made from light weight heat reflective material that can shield the body from extreme temperatures and manage body heat loss.

Triangular/Cravat Bandage (Sling)

Triangular in shape and often used to create a sling to support an injured arm or shoulder, although usable in many other cases as well.

Adhesive Bandage/Plaster (Band-Aid)

Uses a sticky coating allowing the bandage to adhere to the skin and cover a wound.

Conforming Bandage

A stretchy bandage commonly used for wrapping arms and legs providing support, light compression and holding properties.

Tubular Bandage

Elastic bandage that is used to pull over limbs providing support and compression.

Combine Dressing Pad

Use a highly absorbent layer used to pack large bleeding wounds to protect the wound and reduce the chance of infection.

Gauze Swabs Sterile

Very absorbent material that can be soaked and used to clean and prepare a wound for dressing.

Hypo-allergenic Tape

Light weight and breathable tape that should be safe for use with skin and bandages.


Useful for removing small objects that have been embedded, eg splinters, glass, etc. Also helpful for moving gauze or bandages.

Non-Latex Gloves

Disposable gloves that are safe for use with people who are allergic to latex.

Sterile Saline Solution

A mix of salt and water often used to irrigate wounds or eyes.

Iodine Solution (Betadine)

Commonly used as an antiseptic for cleaning wounds and preventing infection.

Cleansing Wipe

Antiseptic wipe that can be used to clean cuts, wound, abrasions and scrapes.

Burn Gel

A soothing gel that can be applied to minor burns to ease pain and help prevent further damage.


Used to support a fractured or injured limb and reduce movement.

Calamine Lotion

Used to relieve irritation and itching from bites, rashes, etc.


Used to measure body temperature issues like a high fever.

CPR Mouthpiece

Create an airtight seal around the nose and mouth and providing isolation between body fluids while CPR is performed.

Tooth Preservation Kit

Place knocked out teeth inside so it is kept alive and hopefully later reinserted.

Instant Cold Pack

Can help reduce swelling and inflammation via cold therapy treatment on breaks, spains, bruises, etc.

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