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Taking a road trip adventure, or going off-road? Don't get caught spinning your wheels. Avoid the road rage and check out these items you might want to pack in your vehicle.

"Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?" - George Carlin

Packing Items

Item Type

Spare Wheel

It is a good idea to check your spare wheel to make sure it is okay. Check your current wheels too to make sure they are safe.

Tow Ball

Useful for attaching a caravan, trailer, boat, etc.


A jack can help you change your tire, or help you out when you are stuck. Make sure you know how to use one as they can be dangerous with the weight of the vehicle.

Roof Rack

Great for that extra storage to carry luggage, bikes, kayaks, etc.

Bike Carrier

Some models can carry quite a few bikes on your vehicle.

Cargo Barrier

Cage like way to arrange items so stay in a restricted area of the vehicle.

Frontal Protection/Bull bar

Traditionally made from strong metal bars, newer models that absorb impact are available that are safer for whatever you might hit with them, like a cyclist or pedestrian. You may be able to attach other devices like a winch.

Snatch Strap

A strap with elastic properties aiding in recovering vehicles from a stranded position with the help of another vehicle to pull the strap.


An aid to get a vehicle out of a difficult position. Make sure you know how to use the winch as they can be very dangerous. Some winches now have remote controls can control it from a safer position.

Tree Trunk Protector

Wrapped around a tree trunk to protect it from a winching line when it is being used to recover a vehicle.

Snatch Block

Used as a pulley point. Can reduce required winching power or aid in redirecting a winch line so it can pull from a different direction. This can help you remove items like a fallen tree from a path.

Bow Shackle

Also known as an anchor shackle. Used to secure various recovery straps. Please use with extreme care to ensure it does not come loose under load.


A super versatile tool that can help you dig holes, bury items, cook, save stranded vehicles, etc.

Traction Aid

A device to aid a vehicle where it cannot gain traction in challenging conditions like soft sand or snow.

Air Compressor

Useful for when you want to pump air somewhere, like a vehicle tire, an inflatable mattress, or driving a pneumatic tool.

Tire Repair Kit

When the air is no longer staying in your tire, patch it up with a repair kit.

Tyre Deflator

Sometimes you want to let some air out of your tires, maybe to increase traction. This tool is purpose built for that.

Snorkel Exhaust

Exhausts like to be free of blockages like water or mud. A snorkel can move the exit point to a better position to avoid any issues.

Dual Battery System

Provides you with another battery that is often used to run accessories so you don't drain your main vehicle battery.

Fuel Container

If you are at risk of running out of fuel when driving or boating, take some extra fuel in a container.

Water Container

Spare water can be carried in a container for drinking, vehicle maintenance, etc.

Jump Starter

If you vehicle battery is flat, a jump starter can get it going again by using another power source to shock it back to life.

Jump/Booster Cables

If there is a flat battery, these cables can be used to hook the flat battery up to another vehicles battery and kick it back to life. Please ensure you know what you are doing when using these.

Spare Belt

It can be useful to have a spare drive or fan belt for your vehicle in case it breaks and you need to perform emergency repairs.

Engine Oil

Hopefully you won't need it, but it can be useful if you need to top up your engine oil.

Brake Fluid

Maybe useful, particularly with an older vehicle.

Radiator Coolant

Keeps your vehicle temperatures under control. Check the levels before leaving on a trip and perhaps take some spare coolant with you in case you need to refill the radiator.

Washer Fluid

An additive to your windscreen wiper water to help it clean more effectively and potentially protect the surface.

Car Repair Manual

Taking a manual on your trip can help you troubleshoot problems and make emergency repairs in a difficult situation.

Tie Down

Straps that are useful for making sure things stay where you want them to. Combine with a cover to keep many items secure underneath.

Lubricant Spray

Sprays like WD-40 can be used to lubricate, waterproof and protect surfaces.

Lubricant Bottle

A bottle for storing or applying lubricants to help with seized items, etc. Use the right lubricant for the job.

Car Detergent

Keeping your vehicle clean not only makes it look great, but can keep it in top condition for longer.

Car Polish

Should be applied to a vehicle after cleaning to ensure the surface is not scratched during the polishing. Read the instructions to make sure you are using the product correctly and under the right conditions.

Wash Cloth

Clean a vehicles, or clean items, or yourself,


Generally some old material that can be used to clean things (to and extent), including your hands.

Drying Towel

Used for soaking up water from surfaces.

Work Gloves

Protect your hands from cuts, punctures, chemicals, heat, dirt or whatever else might damage them.

Signal Flare

A pyrotechnic device that produces a bright light and can signal your position and need for assistance.

Reflective Cone/Sign

A device to signal an area to avoid or attract attention. Can be placed behind your stationary vehicle to increase the chances of passers by noticing it.

Toll Device/Money

Don't forget to prepare for any toll roads you may be passing through.

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