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Travelling with a baby is hard enough, so we are here to help your take care of your little ones.

Thinking of what you need for yourself is difficult enough and travelling babies have their own special needs. Check this list of baby packing items to make sure you are prepared for your next trip:

"Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day." - Taylor Hanson


TitleItem TypeDescription
Availability and Price-

Depending on where you will travel, it might be difficult and/or expensive to buy items you need for your child.

Baby Documents-

Check out baby passport requirements and how long it will take to acquire one to fit into your travel planning.

Flying with Children-
  • If you need to make the booking through a call centre to book any special requirements you have.
  • If there are any special deals for families that will work for you.
  • If you are required or want to purchase a ticket for your child.
  • Requirements like number of adults or guardians required to accompany the infant based on the age.
  • Special baggage allowances for infants.
  • Reasonable quantities of formula, breast milk and juice should be allowed, but you may be required to meet a special screening process, such as x-ray, opening, taste testing etc. See TSA Formula, Breast Milk and Juice guidelines here.
  • If and when you need to request items like a bassinet.
  • If you can bring a child seat as carry on.
  • The acceptable ages of newborns to be able to fly and any medical certificates required.
  • Whether you can get special meals for infants.
  • Strollers are often allowed up to the gate lounge and then stored in the hold.
  • What facilities and services will be available, e.g., preparing bottles and pacifiers.
Goody Bag-

Some parents have taken to handing out goody bags to other passengers to get on their good side that may include earplugs, candy and a note.

Spare Clothing-

Take spare clothing for you and your child in case of baby sick or leaking diaper accidents.

Packing Items

Item TypeSelect
Diaper Rash Cream

For soothing diaper rash.

Baby Wipes

For quickly cleaning up a variety of messy situations.

Baby Shampoo

A gentle formula for cleaning babies that is also useful for other tasks where the subject may be sensitive to stronger cleaning products.

Baby Powder Formula

An alternative or supplement to natural milk.

Diaper/Nappy (Cloth)

Reusable nappies.

Breast Milk

Expressed breast milk to be stored for later use.

Dirty Diaper Bag

A bag for soiled diapers you are going to clean or dispose of. Recommended: waterproofing and a shoulder strap.


Hung around the neck to protect the chest area from spilled food or drink.

Baby Utensils (Spoon, Fork)

Small utensils for a baby to eat with.

Baby Bottle

A bottle with a teat. Can allow self feeding.

Swim Diaper

Diapers designed with swimming in mind so you don't make a mess in the water.

Baby Bathtub (Inflatable)

A portable tub that can be used to bath or just play in the water.

High Chair

A raised chair to safely hold an infant, making it easier to reach them and so they can be in on all the action.

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor can provide you with sound or video to check on your infant while in another location.

Baby Bottle Cleaner

Normally a brush like cleaning utensil inserted into the baby bottle to assist in cleaning.

Baby Bouncer

A special seat for a baby where you, or they, can them to bounce up and down.

Portable Crib

An infants bed with barred or latticed sides.

Baby Changing Table

A table where you can change a diaper.


Apparently they just aren't good for keeping your baby quiet and can reduce the chance of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Baby Bowl

Small and preferably unbreakable bowl for putting baby food in.

Child Safety Seat

A seat specifically designed to protect children in the case of any unfortunate vehicle accidents.

Baby Stroller/Pram

Used to push around a young one at walking or jogging speed. Strollers have become quit advanced and in some cases very expensive.

Baby Wash

A gentle detergent formulated so young ones sensitive skin and eyes. Can be put to many other uses like cleaning dishes, dogs and adults.

Baby Conditioner

Conditioner can be particularly useful if your young one has long hair that tends to tangle. There are also 2 in 1 baby shampoo and conditioners.

Baby Towel

Some special baby towels come with a hood, although these are not necessary.

Diaper/Nappy (Disposable)

Generally more absorbent than cloth nappies and convenient to use. They probably end up costing more and may not be as good for the environment.

Nursing Pad

For stopping unwanted milk related stains from appearing and keeping you dry.

Baby Toy

A baby toy can help your baby develop. They don't necessarily need to be expensive, just make sure they are safe.

Baby Food

Be prepared with what you are going to feed the baby. Special baby food is normally soft for easy consumption.

Breast Pump

Used to extract breast milk for later consumption or to stimulate lactation.

Burping Cloths

Placed on the shoulder to catch any spit-ups that occur while burping a baby.

Sippy Cup

A special cup to make it easier for a young one to drink through a spout without spilling all the contents at once.

Baby Swing

A special seat that allows the baby to move in a swinging motion.

Baby Play Yard

A movable contained area with high walls where a baby can play or sleep in a restricted area.

Baby Blanket

There are different styles of baby blankets. Often used for covering or lying on top of.

Baby Changing Mat/Pad

Something you can place the baby on while you change a diaper.

Baby Suncream

There seems to be some conflicting information about baby sunscreen. Some seem to say sunscreen shouldn't be put on babies younger than 6 months, so check what the packaging says.

Infant Toothbrush

A small toothbrush that should have soft bristles.


Once a young one starts crawling you will need to prepare areas they may reach. This can involve locking cabinets or fencing off areas.

Nursing Bra

A bra that can allow you to feed without removing the bra and should add good support for lactating breasts.

Baby Bottle Nipple

The teat that attaches to the baby bottle.

Baby Sling

A material sling worn across the shoulder and holds the baby close to the body.

Baby Bath Toy

Make bath time fun and a learning experience.

Baby Powder

Named for its ability to help a baby with rashes and chaffing, baby powder commonly contains talc and can put to many different tasks.

Baby Lotion

Baby skin may lose moisture faster than an adult, so these lotions claim to help keep it hydrated and prevent damage and reduce the chances of skin conditions.

Baby Carrier

Normally a double shoulder strap carrier supporting a seat to hold the baby, although it is also a generic term for all types of baby carrying devices.

Waterproof Sheet

Used under a normal sheet to keep underneath dry.


A comforting soft glowing light.

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