Really Cheap Perfumes In Asia - Are They For Real?

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Published: February 22, 2006

Cheap Perfumes can be found throughout Asia in stalls. I had always wondered if these remarkably cheap perfumes, that looked the real deal, could really smell the part.

My sister asked me to buy her some perfume at an airport of a specific brand. I decided to put the cheap perfume to the test. It comes in packaging and the bottle looks very much like the real thing. I did notice some imperfections in the bottle.

At the time of looking around the cheap perfume stalls, I had a friend along. My friend tried sniffing a few scent tester bottles at one stall and decided that some definitely were not scents he was acquainted with and others did seem to be the real perfume. A tricky seller could always get a real bottle and put it down as a tester, but I think this would be unlikely given the real costs.

Anyway, I bought a cheap asian perfume and it was sprung straight away by my sister, who had been going to the shops every week and trying the stuff. So there you have it. In all likelihood, you are not going to get the real perfume if you buy it on the cheap at a stall. In this case, it looks like you really do have to shell out the big bucks to get the desired scent. The asian airports like Singapore do tend to have the real perfumes at nicely discounted prices. Not cheap, but a lot less than you are likely to pay in a retail perfume shop.

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