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There is an art to packing luggage for a trip. Knowing just what to pack, how to fit it in perfectly and how easily find and retrieve it when required.

"The more storage you have, the more stuff you accumulate." - Alexis Stewart

Packing Items

Item Type

Toiletries Bag

Keep all your toiletry kit together and some can be hung in a bathroom/shower.


A bag with straps to placed over the shoulders.


There are a wide range of cases with varying strengths of materials, sizes, shapes and can provide features like wheels and handles.

Day Bag / Day Pack

A day bag is normally a smallish bag that is big enough to carry around what you need for a day.

Travel Document Holder

Protect and keep documents in one place. You might look for features like water protection and RFID blocking.

Wet Bag

A bag that can be sealed so water cannot get inside. Useful for when it rains, or use during water based events.

Money Belt/Pouch

Normally worn inside your other clothes to hide away valuables in a zippered compartment. Features can include wire so it cannot be easily cut, RFID blocking, specialised pockets, etc.

Laundry Bag

To keep your dirty laundry seperate from your clean clothes and transport the laundry to where it will be cleaned. In a pinch, can be used like a bag, towel, etc.

Zip Lock Bag

Lightweight, resealable plastic bags that can come in many sizes. They provide basic water protection and many uses.

Plastic Bag

Useful for carrying and wrapping things in. Plastic bags are out of favor due to their bad reputation for pollution and harming wildlife. Please dispose of them wisely.

Vacuum Seal Bag

To make the most of space, some people like to use a vacuum sealed bag to shrink items down to their smallest size. You don't actually need a vacuum in most cases, with hand rolling and pumps sometimes used to extract the air.


The brand name that made hands free hydration systems popular. Liquid is stored in a backpack with a corded sipping mechanism.


Throw in some ice and keep food and drinks cool for hours.

Beach Bag

Any kind of bag to put your items in while at the beach. Some beach bags may be designed to help with sand, e.g., having small holes so the sand falls out, but your items don't.

Shopping Bag

Many stores don't provide single use plastic bags anymore. Take a reusable bag, some of which can fold up very small.

Rubbish Bag

If you are going somewhere and will be creating some rubbish, please take a bag to contain it until you can later dispose of it.

Luggage Tag

Some people like to add a tag to their bag in case it is lost. Please mind what information you put on these. Details like a home address may lead to burglaries if found by unsavory types. Having a photo of your luggage can be useful to show airport staff if it is lost.

Luggage Strap

Used to keep your luggage closed and secure. These can also make your bag easier to identify if they look unique and stand out.

Luggage Handle Wraps

Used to wrap handles tightly together and add some extra padding when holding the straps. Can also make your bag easily identifiable.

Luggage Hugger

A bit like a wide version of a luggage strap. Wrap it around your case or bag to contain straps, zips and openings. Can make your bag easier to identify.

Portable Scales

Excess baggage can be very expensive. Some people like to take scales with them to make sure they are within the limits.

Pack Liner

Protect sensitive items in a bag from getting wet during bad weather or accidents, like electronics, documents, clothing, etc.

Waterproof Wallet

A pouch you can store your keys or other valuable items and attach it to your body. Make sure you test the waterproof capabilities on something that you do not mind getting wet first, e.g., a scrap of paper.

Dry Box

An airtight container you can store items when swimming, diving, snorkelling etc.

Vehicle Lock Box

Check if this is allowed by your insurance provider and be warned that this might easily be opened by a would be thief. A small box that can be attached to your vehicle and accessed with a combination lock.

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