Forgotten Your Bank ATM Card PIN Number?

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Published: August 21, 2006

Did you forget that pesky 4 digit PIN number code? Drink too many beers, been brainwashed by aliens, it happens to the best of us... I mean I've even forgotten my ATM PIN? This is particularly annoying if you are traveling. Most banks will only mail you a PIN number and the PIN number cannot be retrieved over the phone.

Remember not to attempt your PIN more than 3 times, otherwise your ATM card may be eaten by the hungry ATM machine. This complicates matters even further and is even more of a pain to get back than finding out what your PIN number is.

If you are short on cash and have a credit card, you can go to an exchange bureau. Don't forget your passport though as it is needed for identification. With a passport, your credit card and a few signatures (and perhaps some strange looks by the person serving you) you should be able to get out some money to keep you going until you can arrange to retrieve the PIN number... or preferably it suddenly bubbles it's way back up to your usable brain.

One other person I talked to had a different idea. She had never rung up to ask about her forgotten PIN... she just ordered a new ATM card. This got me thinking... if you check out the latest deals with the banks, you might be able to get a new ATM card (perhaps your other one was getting old and not working, particularly if it is a credit card and gets swiped a lot), better banking conditions and not have to pay an ATM card replacement fee if you change to a new account type.

Have bigger problems... forgot where you ATM credit card is... ie lost it? Check out "lost credit card - what happens when traveling"

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